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If it’s in Acrylic we can make it! give us a call.

Our Services

Specialist High End Acrylic Manufactures and Fabricators.

Architectural Products

Designer furniture. High end art displays and mountings. Point of sales items and display blocks. Specialised lighting to Awards and Trophy’s.

Underwater Glazing

Water is life and our aim is to capture and contain it and showing it as the life giving and enhancing medium it is! Through Aquaria, Pool Windows, Infinity Pools and Water Features.

Industrial Products

From machine guards, site glasses, medical equipment and test equipment. Acrylic is used not only for its mechanical properties, UV resistance, safety, food grade safe but mainly for its transparent properties that give you a clear insight of the inner workings of your plant or equipment.


From specialised Aquariums, Pool Windows, Designer Architectural Furniture, Art Displays, Film and TV Sets, Industrial to Anything One’s Imagination can conceive if it’s in Acrylic we can make it!


To improve the world we live in through our products and their applications.
People are key.